Magnifico 2

It is a 2 channel amplifier design to satisfy those discerning music lovers with moderate music level 2 X 165 watts and demanding small size W 135mm H 50mm L 300mm. The components selected and the sound tuning is by the designer of famous ULTIMATE ; REFEENCE and TA-2 Amplifiers. That guaranty a certain sound quality level.



dimensions 54 x 135 x 308 mm
Weight 2.4 Kg
Supply voltage 12 v
External fuse 60 A
Internal fuse Not
Built-in cooling fan Yes
Maximum current 64 (35) A
Standby Current Consumption 0.7 (0.35) A
Bass EQ @ 60 Hz Yes
High pass filter (on / off) 50-500 Hz
Low pass filter (on / off) 50-500 Hz
High level entrance Yes
Input sensitivity 1-4 V
Input impedance, high level 45 ohm
Input impedance, low 5000 ohm
Operating frequency range 10-60000 Hz
Attenuation coefficient > 300
Signal to noise ratio, weighted average 110 dB
Bridge power 1 channels of 550 W each
Power at 2 Ohm (RMS) 2 channels of 280 watts
Power at 4 Ohm (RMS) 2 channels of 165 W each
Amplifier class A / B
Number of channels 2