I installed the SQL 8 in the bench table with the crossovers and the SQL Tweeters with the Magma 2ch amplifier, and WOW!  The First impression of the products is the well made construction of the speakers and tweeters, but when I started playing some tracks it was very clear that this line of speakers is something different of anything I have heard before. The sound quality of these “loud speakers” is very impressive and detailed compared with all the pro audio speakers I have sold and tested before, Not even pro audio professional brands has a speaker that can play loud, good and with almost flat response. Very impressive sound reproduction, power handling, and clarity on every song I play. For all the customers, this set up was very impressive with the amount of sound and volume you can get without distortion. One more time Dawid, you did it! Great product!

Scanspeak SQ Competition and Rockford SQL Competition

XCELSUS won SQL class and 3st SQ classes

China Grand Prix EMMA SQ Competition in Hangzhou

XCELSUS 4 winners

EMMA SQ Competition in YUNAN

XCELSUS  3 winners

Just another awesome sounding car with XCELSUS products

A car from China with two sound systems. One for outdoor partys run by a Pioneer head unit, And one in the front for SQ competition run by Alpine which with he has won a few SQ competitions.

XCELSUS Competition car in 3000euro class

The car started the expo in Shenzhen China by competing in the 4000euro class and the judges was so impressed by the sound that the car took home first place. Not only that it also won first from the MECA association and then second in the ISCA EXPERT CLASS. A very successful debut

After the competition the Chinese media could not avoid to examinate some of XCELSUS products and we are proud of the result. See the article here!

XCELSUS SHOW CAR at Swedish Motor show “ELMIA”

In the back of the car your can see the XCELSUS Magma amplifiers and very new SQL 12″ SUB. The subs were so argent to ship so there were no time to attach the logo.

In the front of the car we have 2pcs SQL 6.5″ driver matched by a 30mm waive guide Tweeter.

Probably the best sounding SQL car at the show 


This car is the size of piggy bank but with 2 pairs of SQL8” in each door and two big subwoofers everything run by Magma amplifiers, you would think its a concert on wheels.

“Immediately when they demoed the sound for me it reminded me when I was on a Bruce Springsteen concert and I stood right in front of the stage, where i was blown away by the power full and clear sound going through my body.”



The 16th China Aftermarket Industry GRAND PRIX Award 2020

Annual Recommended Car Audio Brand

2020 MECA China

China Car Audio Competition Grade Product Award

2020 Chinese craftsman award for :

XCELSUS XXS10, Magma 2200 1D and XU 6.2i. 

This prize puts our products among the most recommended sound systems in China. 


2021 Meca SQ competition in Florida, USA

Steve Head participated with his Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck in street class and won first place. I like to highlight where his XCelsus car is different from many of his competitors in this class.

Most of these cars feature a total custom rebuild of the front dash, doors and so on to help achieve the best sound but not in Steve’s case. Steve decided to challenge himself, his Xcelsus 3-way front stage would be fitted in the factory Dodge Ram speaker locations. So what was the resultat? Well you can see by his win that is clearly possible to have competition winning sound, even if the speakers are installed in factory locations, all by using the right products.

2021 SQOLOGY Aggieland viii Texas competition 

Only cars that had previously qualified during the season were allowed to participate in this event. Resulting in the attendance of only the best cars in the USA. Among all of these prominent cars, most of them had heavily modified speaker locations and dashboards to achieve the best sound possible. Steve’s car did not have any such modifications.
At the same time Eddy De Jesus, another competitor using XCelsus products only had modified the midrange on his car by mounting it to the A-pillar. Both XCelsus cars were equipped with our new spider-less 4″ midrange driver.

Both cars placed extremely well. Eddy competed in the IASCA PRO class where he placed 2nd, and in MECCA Master Class he placed 3rd. Steve came second in MECA and in IASCA, he placed 4th. In the money round, Steve came 9th out of 43 cars.