Car Audio

We continue to realize our ideas at XCELSUS.

To introduce new ideas & push the boundaries of what is possible in loudspeaker design. No idea is too strange for us to experiment with, in our quest for the most natural-sounding speaker.
Our line continually evolves and builds on our chief designer Dawid Koniarsk & his 35+ years of loudspeaker design experience.

Below we have highlighted some of the ideas & technology that set us apart from other manufactures.

Phase Shift Technology
We like to point out that all our passive crossovers have a simple switch that enables the Tweeter phase to be reversed 180 degrees on the fly during the initial setup and installation of your sound system.
As a driver or passenger, you are mostly never seated in the ideal listening position which would be in the centre of the vehicle.
Tweeters and Midbass drivers can have a variety of different mounting locations and interior obstructions depending on the vehicle’s make and model, thus affecting the relation of correct phase between components.
By allowing reversal of the tweeter phase on the fly you can audibly choose which setting sounds best without any tweeter wire polarity disconnection & reconnection time.

Spiderless Suspension System
In the pursuit for the most dynamic, open & revealing midrange experience we have spent hundreds of hours perfecting our “less is more” approach to a midrange driver.

We have removed the spider from the suspension system and redesigned the surround to provide optimal linearity of the cone movement. By doing this we removed the restriction the spider places on the voice-coil that allows for smoother & more intricate sound reproduction.

Listening to a midrange with our SSS technology will assist to reveal a whole new world of sonic detail that will allow you to rediscover your musical classics.
Our entry-level starts with the Primum Series.