Our Story

At XCELSUS, understanding our customers’ needs is just the beginning. Our commitment to excellence involves our collaborative approach with our suppliers and dealer network – we bring our wealth of knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm to align with necessary requirements in order to achieve the desired results.

With a car audio knowledge base spans back to the mid 80’s, the XCELSUS team continues to evolve along with the demands out you our customers . This is why we are constantly searching for ways of improving our procedures and expanding our horizons in order to stay ahead of the competition. We are constantly examining how we can bring more value and a point of difference to our dealers and customers through continuous research and development of the products we offer.




In 1979 as one of the three original co-founders of DLS along with my friends Stefan and Leif we began building Police Scanners. Leif and myself were high frequency technicians and Stefan’s duty was to keep me and Leif in order and take care of administration and production logistics.

In the early 80’s, I think that it was 1983, I bought a new VOLVO but found the factory sound system to be highly disappointing. Back then there were only coaxial speakers available on the market and after trying several of the top brads products found that I was just not happy with the sound. At the time I never thought of myself  to be picky about sound but I knew the current offerings were far from what my ears appreciated to hear music reproduced through.

Then one day whilst I listened to my home speakers, I looked at them and hit me, I said to myself ” if the coaxial was the ultimate solution, then they would have used them in home Hi-Fi speakers?” The very next day I visited a electronic parts shop and bought 4” Philips drivers for TV and Audax polyimide tweeters. I designed a simple X-over and the sound was better than all the coaxials I had tested before. This to the best of my knowledge (feel free to prove otherwise) was the origin of the component set that you are familiar with in the car audio market you see today.

The speakers I designed began to be used in  IASCA competitions, first in Sweden and then across Europe also internationally. In EMMA  USA I had a very successful team with Keith Doney as team leader who achieved several second places as USA and world champion or Scott Buwalda or Eddy the Jesus. Once we bring a car from Thailand to EMMA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Mr Buck in the prestige’s Class and he won.  Following year we bring another car from Thailand Mr Pong and he won both USA and World Champion.

In SQ (Sound Quality) the drivers I designed achieved champions all across Europe and in areas such as Russia, South Africa, Australia, China, Philippines, Thailand , Indonesia, Malaysia amongst many more.

I was the chief speaker designer from the beginning right up until February –  2016 when the new owners of DLS unexpectedly decided to retrench me.

Now I exclusively design all the XCELSUS speakers with a small, dedicated, specialist team.