XUSM8 8″ Midrange Driver

Ultra SQL series XUSM8 – is a new 20 cm / mid-range component speaker with excellent tonal balance but designed to play clean & loud.
– specifically designed for loud music with good sound and good control
– oversized magnet system for optimum dynamics
– 38mm voice coil with integrated cooling system for heat dissipation in long listening sessions
– grills included


The 8” driver was designed around a larger lightweight, high-quality, non-pressed paper cone that is coupled to a 38mm high-temperature air-cooled voice coil.

Featured is a contrasting red anodized, solid billet aluminum phase plug that is attached to an oversize magnetic motor system with a copper shorting cap, allows this driver to deliver a HiFi quality sound experience at extreme volume levels.

This driver can be used actively or passively in combination with XUST30W or active as a 3-way setup with XUST30W XUSM6 & XUSM8.