XXS10 10″

: $1,329.00 USD

XXS10 subwoofer. From the first sound you will like what you hear. This is a really good subwoofer. High-quality, detailed Hi-Fi bass for natural sound.
It is ideal for small housings(boxes) from 15-18 litres gross capacity(VOLUME). It reproduces in an extremely accurate and clear way, while the bass integrates with the front set completely imperceptibly creating a coherent music band. We recommend using a subsonic filter and an appropriate amplifier quality to ensure proper drive and control.
And there is something to control, a powerful magnetic system, two four-Ohm coils placed in a rigid cast basket are supposed to command an aluminium membrane. Precision and real power – the perfect complement to high-end audio systems.


Fo – 36.585Hz
Mms – 130.517g
Mmd – 127.069g
Qms – 3.107
Qes – 0.761
Qts – 0.611
Vas – 22.430L