XXS10 subwoofer. From the first sound you will like what you hear. This is a really good subwoofer. High-quality, detailed Hi-Fi bass for natural sound.

It is ideal for small housings(boxes) from 15-18 litres gross capacity(VOLUME). It reproduces in an extremely accurate and clear way, while the bass integrates with the front set completely imperceptibly creating a coherent music band.

We recommend using a subsonic filter and an appropriate amplifier quality to ensure proper drive and control.

And there is something to control it, a powerful magnetic system, two four-Ohm coils placed in a rigid cast basket are supposed to command an aluminium membrane. Precision and real power – the perfect complement to high-end audio systems.

Fo – 36.585Hz
Mms – 130.517g
Mmd – 127.069g
Qms – 3.107
Qes – 0.761
Qts – 0.611
Vas – 22.430L

This product has been rewarded the China year 2020 Craftsman Award :

Review :

“The first impression I received when I saw it was WOW! It looks really promising. The relatively large magnet, the basket, felt like there was something good going on. I had the honor to try it in my car and that’s nothing I regret. From the first tone, I liked what I heard. The details, the drums felt natural. I started pretty early pushing it hard, raised the volume, played music with really deep bass. It made it excellent. After about 20h playing time I began to notice differences, it became more distinct, more solid, the details began to come more and more. It started to feel like it had everything like my old subwoofer plus the little I knew was missing. In short, it’s a really good subwoofer that delivers the bassoons in a very convincing way. ”