: $999.00 USD

This Xcelsus Audio Solidus series subwoofer delivers a distinct punch and very good sound definition but also has the ability to play loud and low.

For this subwoofer, the recommended ventilated box volume is 45 liters with a 4 ”X 300mm port size.

Recommended closed box from 30 to 33 liters.


Dual voice coil 2 X 2ohm
Recommended Ventid box: 45Liter port 4” X 300mm
Recommended sail box: 30 to 33Liters

Fo – 34Hz
Mms – 166.7g
Mmd – 160g
Qms – 4.706
Qes – 0,561
QTS – 0,50
Vas – 49,7Lit