Xcelsus Car Amplifier Series Magma 310.2 Class A / B. The idea behind this amplifier is to create an extremely powerful amplifier at a low price that will sound very good. This amplifier allows you to get high-quality detailed sound with a division into 2 channels. This amplifier is suitable for those who listen to hi-fi music and those who like loud sound.



Number of channels 2
Amplifier class A / B
Power at 4 Ohm (RMS) 220 watts
Power at 2 Ohm (RMS) 350 watts
Power at 1 ohm load (RMS) 700 watts
Thd 0.01%
Recommended power cable thickness not less than 35 mm2
High impedance input Not
High pass filter 15-500 Hz
Low pass filter 50-500 Hz
Remote control Not
Bass boost Yes
Operating frequency range 10-35000 Hz
Fuse 150 A
Maximum current consumption 150 A
Supply voltage 11-16 v
dimensions 470 x 175 x 70 mm