XXM325 is a high-end mid-range speaker constructed with a proprietary aluminum mix cone that’s powered by a hybrid neodymium motor fitted to a diecast basket.
We could finish the description here if it is not really unique! Firstly, there is basically no lower suspension.
Take a good look, we know that unnamed things don’t exist, so we called this SSS – Spiderless Suspension System.
It creates a clear and dynamic sound that can capture the entire sound scene. Crème de la crème midrange.
It detaches the world from the speaker and provides an amazingly vivid soundstage. You’re at the concert and face the stage, whether it’s a guitar solo, percussion quartet, vocal trio or the entire symphony orchestra of 100 instruments – you’ll recognize the first violin because the separation of instruments is perfect.


Fo – 112.358Hz
Mms – 3.083g
Mmd – 2.988g
Qms – 1.484
Qes – 0.691
Qts – 0.471
Vas – 842.272m L