XUST30W Waveguide Tweeter

Ultra SQL series XUST30W – is a new 30mm / Waveguide component Tweeter with excellent dispersion and sound characteristics that are also designed to play clean & loud. specifically designed for loud music with good sound minimal distortion

  • oversized magnet system for optimum dynamics
  • 30mm ferrofluid immersed voice coil with integrated cooling system for heat dissipation in long listening sessions
  • die-cast aluminium construction


To realize our goal of a good-sounding hi-output component system we required a tweeter that could deliver an unfatiguing sound at high volume levels.

Eventually, after many prototypes, we settled on what be believed to be the best balance of output v’s sound quality.

The tweeter’s heart consists of a soft textile dome with a 30mm liquid-cooled voice coil that is coupled with a strong neodymium motor. This is then carefully set deep inside a diecast aluminium waveguide.

The result is a smooth-sounding tweeter that can happily play & be listened to at high volume levels for the utmost user enjoyment.

XUST30W SPL level is enough to match 2 6.5″ drivers. When used with DSP a high crossover point is recommended and 6 or 12dB slop is possible on face installation.