Our new Amplifier DEFINIO 4 is a 4 channel Class D Amplifier equipped with a remote control for the subwoofer

DEFINIO 4 combines the best from Class D as: small size high transient (Dynamic) response and high power concern to the size.

With this Amplifier we offer Class AB SOUND QUALITY and low distortion. Definio 4 is a very potent competitor to other competition Amplifiers.

Dimensions (mm) : 41,8 x 104 x 270

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Number of channels  4
Amplifier class  Full Range Digital
Power at 4 Ohm (RMS)  105 watts
Power at 2 Ohm (RMS)  165 watts
Power at 4 Ohm (RMS) bridged  320 watts
Signal to noise ratio, A-weighted   90 dB
Damping factor  >100
THD @ 5W, 1 kHz  <0,02%
Frequency response  10 Hz- 40 kHz
Input impedance, low level  5 kohm
Input sensitivity  0.2-6 V
Filter high-pass adjustable  50-500 Hz*
Filter low-pass adjustable  50-500 Hz*
Power consumptions, idle  0.7 A (0.35 A)
Power consumption Max 64 A (35 A)
Fuse  use external fuse   60 A (40 A)
Power supply  12 Volt